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Winter is coming...

Is your skin starting to feel dry, tight, or flaky?

Unfortunately, as the Southern Hemisphere starts to bring us cooler days, the air gets drier, and we begin to suffer from the symptoms of the dreaded winter skin. But don’t worry, Team James is here to keep your skin hydrated this winter! 

We have compiled some of our hydrating heroes into Winter Skin Sets to help make all your hydrated skin dreams come true – which you can shop 30% off! Updating your routine with some new products along with the below tips will have your skin healthy, glowing, and radiant. Thank us later!

Our top tips to avoid dry skin this season…

Update your skincare routine

First things first, let’s look at your current skincare routine and find ways to add hydration and protection from that dry winter air. Instead of a thinner lotion, could you look to change to a richer cream? Instead of face wipes, double cleanse with a nourishing oil cleanser! Instead of your purifying clay mask, update to a hydrating mask – we have you sorted!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!  

Some ways we suggest increasing your hydration during the cooler months are –  swapping your coffee for a green tea (which has great antioxidant benefits) and adding hydrating serums, masks, and richer creams to your skincare regime to nourish and protect skin. Hydrated skin also exfoliates better, allowing fresh, healthy skin to shine!

Slip, Slop, Slap!

Repeat after us – SPF. Must. Be. Worn. All. Year. Round. Just because you may spend less time in direct sun, damage from the UV rays happens when you’re driving, at work, or where any rays can reach you.

Wave goodbye to dead skin

Due to the dry air during the cooler months, skin cells dehydrate and die faster than during the warmer and more humid months. Removing these dead cells through gentle exfoliation will promote new, healthy skin. Exfoliation will also lead to the appearance of glowing skin – love

Nourish that body!

Maintain healthy skin by ensuring you are moisturising – and we mean your whole body! Your face and body often get a lot of loving but don’t forget your hands, feet, and elbows! TOP TIP: We suggest applying your moisturiser straight after the shower.

Watch the shower temperature

While having a hot shower when the temperature drops can be very appealing, it can often do more damage than it is worth. Hot water dries out skin faster and can also irritate already sensitive skin.

Keep a lip balm handy 

There is nothing worse than chapped, sore lips so be sure to find a lip balm which helps hydrate and protect the lips from the cold wind and keep it with you! Many of us at James HQ have a car lip balm, bag lip balm and desk lip balm – there can never be too many in our opinions!