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How to bring the salon home with James Hair


Don’t wait for your next hairdressers appointment to treat your locks to some much needed tender love and care. Scrub away product build up, hydrate tired ends and welcome silky smooth shine with our three salon inspired haircare products. Follow along as we take you through a 3 step at home routine designed to transport your hair to the basin of your favourite salon.

Step 1: The root of the problem

Address scalp imperfections with the Cloud Touch AHA Hair Mask, a revolutionary scalp exfoliator with AHAs & Charcoal. Start with dry hair, apply a generous amount to the root of the hair and massage into the scalp. Now here’s where you really need to step into the hands of your hairdresser, it’s time to give yourself the scalp massage you deserve. Note: the product will feel like it is working - relax knowing the sensation is the mask working to remove excess oil blocking hair follicles. Leave the mask for 10 mins and wash out with shampoo and conditioner. To prepare for the next step, towel dry freshly exfoliated hair.


Step 2: Replenish me 

Now that you’ve said goodbye to those pesky pollutants living rent free on your scalp, it’s time to treat tired strands with a lick of hydration. Apply a generous amount of our Replenish Me Luxury Hair Mask working from the ends of your hair to the roots. Secure your well lathered strands with our Luxury Hair Wrap and wait 15 mins while the Tamanu Oil and Argan Oil work their magic. Tip: wait out the 15 mins with your favourite James Eye Mask. Rise thoroughly and towel dry hair in preparation for styling!


Step 3: Shine, shine, shine!

The era of shine is back! Be it silky bouncy Matilda Djerf waves, or a slick Hailey Beiber bun, our Holy Grail Luxury Hair oil is the secret to bringing the shine to your favourite hair style. This leave-in treatment will deliver an intense gloss and silky finish time after time. Apply one pump of Holy Grail through your freshly towel-dried hair and style as desired. Want to elevate your shine? Add another pump to dry styled hair.

No more time off work, long waiting lists or penny saving, enjoy the convenience of a 3 step salon experience at home our James haircare range. Shop Hair here!