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Kakadu Plum: What it is and why it’s the most hyped ingredient in skincare at the moment

From big skincare giants to Kettle chips, the Australian native Kakadu Plum has had a recent resurgence, and we are not at all mad about it. If you’ve somehow managed to snooze on this hot new ingredient, we are here to bring you up to speed on one of the world’s most potent forms of natural Vitamin C. 



What is Kakadu Plum?

In short: A small but mighty Australian plum that packs an absolute punch when it comes to skin brightening and firming.

Historically, this little green plum was used as an Aboriginal medicinal ingredient for its healing properties. Today, in skincare, we understand this fruit to be a powerful tool, helping to promote brightening, while effectively firming fine lines and wrinkles due to its highly potent Vitamin C properties. 

Kakadu Plum is even 100 times more potent in Vitamin C than an orange.


Why it’s worth the hype!


Check your Vitamin C, do you see Kakadu Plum in the ingredients? You’re likely missing out on advanced levels of natural skin brightening. Renew your complexion with this exciting natural extract that helps to fade pigmentation, even out skin tone, and leave the skin's surface bright and radiant in appearance. 


Fine lines, be gone! Due to its naturally high levels of Vitamin C, products containing the Kakadu fruit are known to help boost collagen production, leaving the skin plump and firm by assisting in reducing the appearance of fine lines. 

Join the hype

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