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Which James Cosmetics Eye Mask is for you according to your Zodiac Sign

Selecting the eye mask that is right for you can be tricky, especially when we have 15 unique options here at James Cosmetics. Let the stars take the wheel as they guide you towards the eye mask best suited to you, based on your zodiac sign.


The leader of the pack and the first star sign on the zodiac calendar, Aries have an unwavering desire for competition, craving the need to come out on top. Naturally, our Aries skincare lovers deserve nothing but the James Cosmetics cult leader and long standing best-seller, the 24K Gold & Collagen Crystal Eye Mask.


Indulge, indulge, indulge! If we had a dollar for every time we found a Taurus kicking back, soaked in serums and watching Real Housewives, we’d be jet setting first-class to the Maldives! For our indulgent Taurus friends, look no further than the Refresh Eye Mask, perfect for the pamper junkie and our alternative to the classic cucumber slices. 


How to un-fluster the flustered? Gemini, meet our De-Puff Eye Mask! Chaotic yet curious, sleep often takes a back seat as the Gemini navigates through the chaos around them. Our De-Puff Eye Mask is the perfect companion to heal tired eyes as it locks in moisture while soothing inflammation.


Cancer embraces the mother in all of us, a calming presence, caregiver and most of all a loyal protector. This water sign will do whatever it takes to double-down and prepare itself for anything that may cause disruption. Add a Prepare Eye Mask to your Cancer tool kit and find solace in the art of skin preparation with powerful ingredients such as Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid and Seaweed Extract.


Diamonds are a Leo’s best friend. The infamously dramatic, spotlight loving Leo deserves none other than the Diamond Radiance Eye Mask. Bring dull and fatigued eyes to life with this Diamond Powder, Collagen and Aloe infused eye mask. 


Logical, practical and systemic - a Virgo wants their skincare to just make sense. Cutting to the chase, a Virgo wants classic, good quality, naturally derived ingredients and should not look past our Reset Eye Mask. The newest eye mask to the James Cosmetics range, the Reset Eye Mask features a blend of Hydroxy-Proxy™ and Algae Extracts to help plump and hydrate the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Fixated with establishing equilibrium, the Libra is on a longing search for balance and harmony. Enter, the 24K Rose Gold Hydrate Eye Mask! This eye mask ticks all the boxes - it’s hydrating, firming, and smoothing all in one. Get one step closer to equilibrium with the 24K Rose Gold Hydrate Eye Mask.


Notably one of the most complicated, dynamic signs of the zodiac, the Scorpio is fuelled by emotional energy. Keep those emotional eyes at bay, Scorpio, with The Eraser Eye Mask - a master of disguise and eraser of dark circles thanks to the Dead Sea Minerals that work to enrich the eye area.


Adventure brazen and always seeking out new curiosities, Sagittarius are constantly on a path of change. Our Sagi skincare lovers should look to the Repair Eye Mask as a tool for respite between their constant escapades. This eye mask features the repairing combination of Retinol, Oat Peptides and Grape Seed Extract.


Time is of the essence for a Capricorn, they are ambitious and hard-working, once a goal is set the Capricorn will achieve it with strong perseverance on their side. A common goal on a Capricorn’s radar is the defiance of ageing. They accept that the path is long but with patience and high quality ingredients, it is entirely achievable. The journey should naturally begin with James Cosmetics Anti-Ageing Eye Mask.


The most progressive of the zodiac signs, at the core of every Aquarius is the desire to restore good in the world. Naturally, the Aquarius gravitates towards James Cosmetics Restore Eye Masks as its nourishing, natural based ingredients work to recharge the under eyes. 


Incredibly intuitive, sensitive to emotions, and gentle communicators, our Pisces friends are the ones to hold near and dear. Alike their grounded nature, the Rejuvenate Rose Eye Mask is gentle on sensitive skin, with a nourishing balance of Rose Essential Oils to soothe the under eyes while Collagen works behind the scenes to improve the appearance of fine lines - making it the perfect addition to a Pisces skincare ritual.